When an individual in your care is in transition, Next Generation’s highly capable Outreach healthcare assistants and support workers are here to support them.
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Change is one of the biggest challenges in care – we can help

Supporting service users on their journey

Our Outreach Team deploy support workers and healthcare assistants when individuals who require care in Plymouth are undergoing a transition. They might be switching between two service providers or they could be moving home.

Whatever the change in circumstances, our Outreach Team are adept at supporting people through it. They bring the know-how and experience needed to plan and execute the transition – and to monitor the individual following the move to ensure they get the ongoing help they need.

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A dynamic dream team

Supporting people who have complex needs to go through a big change isn’t easy. It’s a role that demands skill, quick-thinking and a cool head. That’s why our Outreach Team is staffed by care professionals with a track record of dealing with situations exactly like the ones your service users face.

We select our team carefully. They need at least a year’s care sector experience, appropriate qualifications and the right attitude. And we provide the rewards and support that staff in this role deserve, ensuring that we find and hold onto the best people. So when your service users need them, they can help prevent a transition becoming a crisis and turn it into a success.

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When the pressure’s on, our Outreach workers deliver


Next Generation's Outreach Team can rapidly mobilise exceptional people to leap into action when your service users’ needs are at their most acute.

I personally don't like using agency workers in place of our regular staff. I feel that it affects continuity of care and generally has an adverse effect on staff morale. However, Next Generation strive to offer a small, regular amount of staff who are familiar with the house and, more importantly, who our service users are happy and familiar with. I recognise that hiring agency staff is not an ideal situation, but Next Generation make such an effort to make the situation as professionally seamless and friendly, that I would recommend their service to any manager in need.
I have been with Next Generation Nursing and Care for three months but in the short time I have been working for them, I have reignited my passion for care. The office team offer great support, knowledge, and a sunny disposition; they are always on hand to help when you need them. Shifts are variable, but in constant supply and there is no pressure to take on every shift offered! Meaning I have for the first time in years found a happy and manageable home-work life balance.
I have worked for Next Generation for over a year. I am on the elite, team. I am contracted for 37.5 hours a week but there are always extra hours, if I need them. They have some great schemes, such as a refer a friend scheme, great rates of pay and they are a very friendly bunch in the office. If you have a problem, they will help you. I have been working in care now for over 30 years and this is one of the best companies I’ve worked for.
The company has been professional, steadfast and consistent in making sure that my contracted hours are met every week. One thing that stands out is their attitude towards health and safety of both employees and clients.
I didn't choose Next Gen, they chose me at a time where I had taken a confidence knock but with my experience in care they gave me their trust and support to be a part of an amazing team and do a job I absolutely love. The office staff are so approachable, friendly, and supportive. I never feel pressured to pick up shifts and they always accommodate my needs around my family commitments which at times are very unpredictable.
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